10 Days on The Egg Diet

About two weeks ago I came across this video by Versatile Vicky. It is a diet which consists of eggs, tea, apples and oats, and assures you that you will use 10kg in 10 days.

No, I didn’t hold onto the hope that I could possibly lose that much weight, in such a short time, but my body is aching and I needed a kick start to weight loss so that I could help myself incorporate some exercise without feeling like death.

My body is too heavy and way to unstable to perform any heavy exercises yet, so I am starting slow.

The first time, I did this diet for 5 days, had 2 days off and got back on it straight after that. I have been on it since the 19th of June and today I am completing my 10th day.

Never in my life did I think that I would last eating eggs everyday for so long, but guess what. I am so determined to prove to myself that I can fight this disease, that I did it, and planning to continue doing it for a total of 40 days, with a couple more days off in between!


Well? Does It Work?

So here’s the thing. I threw out my scale remember? To top that off, I didn’t measure myself either, so really, what I am relying on, is my clothes and my body.

I know my body. I know how it works and how it looks when I am at a certain number, but we are not counting numbers in this blog, at least not until all this is over for good.

Have I lost weight? Hell yes! My new size 20 jeans that were super tight on me 10 days ago, are lose on the legs and around the tummy.

My jiggly back rolls are no longer rolls but practically lines.

Don’t ask me my estimate weight loss numbers, because in this blog, I will not be counting kilograms.

All I know is that this diet works and it’s a great kick start to weight loss.

What I’d recommend, is to do it for a week then have a week off and start again, unless you are crazy like myself, then go ahead and do it for as long as you like.

I understand that this diet does not fulfil all the nutrition a body needs, as it eliminates whole food groups, but I am a test monkey and this is only a short term solution.

I promise to keep you updated with pictures and will do so on the 29th of July once I complete my 40 day egg fast. (Yes I am doing it do not doubt me).


What Did You Do?

For the first 7 days I followed the diet to the letter. I did not add any seasonings, and only had a cucumber and a carrot once, on the second day.

I also drank water with apple cider vinegar in the morning and before bed.

The last 3 days, I added garcinia cambogia and a grapefruit juice, honey and apple cider vinegar drink before I went to bed.

The last couple of days I also started to add some seasoning on my eggs, a little salt, paprika and thyme for example.

That’s it!

Surprisingly, I am still looking forward to the eggs everyday, which is strange because I wasn’t a big egg fan to begin with.

I don’t feel hungry because I am stretching out the diet so that I eat something every 3-4 hours or so.

My routine goes like so:

9am- 3 boiled eggs and a cup of green tea.

1pm-2pm-3 boiled eggs, 1 apple and a cup of green tea.

4pm-5pm- Apple and a cup of green tea.

7pm- Oats

30 days to go! Wish me luck!

xx Tina





  1. OMG i’m also doing the same diet now, hoping to lose some weight before mid-summer. It’s tough though, I’m OK with eggs but eating so many in a day makes me feel a bit nervous, so I decreased it to 2 eggs each for breakfast and lunch. Also, weekends are so hard to follow as I just want to go out for brunch, coffee, dinner etc.(I’ve had cheat days over the weekend…) So far I have lost some weight, although I do want to lose more (assuming I can continue eating eggs without feeling bored)! Good luck for the next month! You can do it!!! Let’s work hard together!


    1. I believe in you! Let me know how you did! Honestly, I think that it’s pretty easy for me because a)I’m a hermit so I don’t go out much and b) I am single, so I don’t have anyone else to cook for or temptations to face, unless I am at work (which I am five days a week), but I am determined, and you should be to!
      Keep in touch!
      x Tina


      1. Hi there. I did! With a couple of cheat days. In all honesty, I think 10 days is plenty. Any more than 10 and you will find yourself hating eggs and your weight loss will slow down dramatically, so I don’t recommend it. I am now on Keto and it is working great. I should blog about my progress one of these days.


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