Day Off! What’s on the menu?

Alright, here’s the thing.

Yes, doing the egg diet  isn’t excruciating and I am still not sick of eggs, but I have this bad habit of collecting recipes I’d like to try, and as it is, I have been obsessing over them for two weeks.

This means I need to get them out of my system, so that I can concentrate on completing the rest of my egg fast.

One day, in moderation. No binge eating, just sensible amounts of food I’ve been obsessing over for the last two weeks.

Yes, I realise how wrong this sounds, but I am doing this my way. One day off after 2 weeks is sensible, and after the whole 40 days of the fast are over, I will be continuing a balanced keto diet.


So here’s today’s menu.

Naughty Breakfast-Brioche “Hot Dog Bun” with Cheese Kransky and Parmesan Cheese.

Lunch- Cheesy Mozzarella Chicken Fries. Well, my version of, x1 with lettuce salad, sprinkled with Bertochi Brothers smoked salami and Parmesan cheese.

Dinner- Beetroot Risotto with, you guessed it, Parmesan cheese.


Remind me to tell you all one day about my unhealthy obsession with cheese…and potatoes. I have a bucket list item that revolves around cheese, and it’s on top of the list…just saying.

Back on the fast now!

Xx Tina

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