I am going to be an Archaeologist!


It has happened! Finally! After a few ups and downs, I am excited to announce that I have received an offer to study my dream. A dream 33 years in the making.

I decided that after many years of letting people influence my opinion, the time has come to finally go after what I was born to do.

My entire life I heard “study something that will make you money” (where is it) and not “study something you are passionate about”. I truly wish I had someone to influence me to follow my passion, to follow what excites me but I guess through life experience and many lessons, I had to come to this realisation on my own.

Since I was a child I was absolutely fascinated with ancient cultures, ancient gods, explorers and I was a pretty keen explorer myself. I had in fact come across things that as a child I did not understand, artefacts, knowledge and as introverted as I was, those findings were never mentioned to anyone.

It was my thing, my little secret, my little mystery that my mind would solve many years later.

I didn’t know what Archaeologists were when I was eight. I was terrible at school but I enjoyed Ancient History. I flanked all my subjects except physical education, art and history.

In high school, I had decided I wanted to be an Archaeologist but was talked out of it only because I decided to let people dishearten me on the prospect of never being able to make money.

Because in this life, that is what you are born to do, make money, right?

My high school history teacher disliked me because I constantly challenged her. If something didn’t make sense, I would question her and yet never received a straight answer. I’d be shut down, ignored. I had no one to positively influence me to follow my dreams.

So after many years of studying various subjects, from programming IT to Business Advertising, to Printing & Graphic Arts and Make Up, guess where I was and still am.

Penniless, in pain, working my entire life in retail, with nothing to show for it.

So I decided I had enough.

I am 33, single, everything is out of control and I am going to university to become an Archaeologist.

All I am going to say is this.

I want this, I need this, and I WILL do it, and they better stay out of my way because I’ll take no prisoners.

Follow your passion guys. You only live once.


xx Tina


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