Keto Meal Idea-Cauliflower Rice Sushi



I love sushi, a lot, it’s a shame I can’t have it on keto, but I CAN fool myself into thinking I am having the real thing. Right?

Cauliflower rice sushi? It’s actually tastier than it sounds. I was an avid cauliflower hater and now, it is a basic staple in my house. It only took 6 weeks to convert me too, it’s versatile and you can make a few different dishes out of it.

Here’s what to do:

1.Brake down your cauliflower using a blender until small enough to resemble rice.

2. Steam cauliflower rice until tender.

3. Let it cool, mix with a little cream cheese (acts as a binder) and spread out on a Nori sheet.

4. Add avocado, tuna, egg or whatever you like, roll it and place in fridge for a little while until completely cool.

If you have added enough cream cheese, the cauliflower shouldn’t loosen up as you cut the Nori, otherwise it can get messy quick and you’ll be eating it with a spoon. ^_^


xx Tina


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