How Do I Keep Myself Motivated?


How do I stick to my diet?

In the last 6 weeks I broke my diet twice, which is normal and yet, I feel proud that it wasn’t more than that. Usually I tend to break my weight loss goals repeatedly but this time, I have obtained the strength I need to keep going.

The strength has come from a number of ideas that scare me and fear is helping me to complete parts of this journey.

They act as a reminder of why I am doing this in the first place and what will happen and how I will feel, if I don’t follow through.

  1. I am 33, single, my body hurts, I am unhealthy and struggle to balance anything from my body to my life. This is my number one factor of keeping me motivated.
  2. I am going to Uni at the end of February. This is a new beginning and I will not be starting off this journey by being the old me. I lack confidence and a lack of confidence destroys opportunities and chances.

That girl needs to go.

3. I have removed all temptations. Anything that is easy to reach and quick calories in the shape of chips or chocolates or noodles are out of the house. If it takes no time to cook it, I’ll eat it, so in the bin it goes.

4. I have picked a number of foods I enjoy eating and have stuck to them. I create different meals out of the same ingredients, but in different shapes, tastes and combinations.


5. I try not to obsess too much on what I have lost, but try to focus on what I have gained. I have gained a better understanding of what I put in my body, I have gained extra strength and energy and I can already feel my body healing.

6. I have incorporated extra calorie burning. I hate exercising, it feels like a chore and I loose motivation immediately so instead, I accept opportunities that help me burn extra calories. For example, I walk to work and back home from work 45 minutes each way, and in combination with work,  I add a total of between 10,000-13,000 steps a day.

I also started a plank, squat and push up challenge, which I have unfortunately given up on and should pick up again because the benefits were felt from the first week.

7. I threw out my scale. No numbers to dictate how well or how bad I am doing. It’s liberating and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Those are my top rules, my top motivators that are helping me get through each day. It’s okay to lose control once in a while, as long as you get back into it straight away. Don’t allow your mind to tell you that you are unable to do something, because that is a big fat lie.

You can do anything.

All you have to do to get there, is start.

xx Tina

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