Keto Meal Idea-Low Carb Taco



One day, while I was munching on my lettuce I looked up to find three family members devouring good ole fashioned tacos and I thought to myself:


Then I thought to myself, there has to be a way to enjoy a taco! So to my beloved pinterest I go, and I come across a plain version with a shell made entirely out of cheese!

This is like a dream come true! There is nothing better than a taco, but a taco shell made of cheese! I love cheese, thank you keto for allowing me to have it.

So I played with my version and came up with this. Not entirely how I pictured it to be, but nevertheless tasty (a bit greasy too, but tasty).


So, all you have to do, is throw some Parmesan or cheddar grated cheese in the oven or the pan and wait until it melts, and the edges brown some.

Let it cool a little, then transfer it to the handle of a ladle and let it cool completely. The end result should be a hard shell, mine came out soft but I didn’t care. I also topped it with some Italian Herbs.

Then, I threw some beef mince in the pan, I grated some fresh tomato, added cinammon, paprika and garlic powder and let it cook.

I chopped some lettuce, a little of the leftover tomato, 1/4 avocado and some sour cream and added it to my shell.

Voila, you got yourself a meal! Yum!



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