The importance of balancing the vibes.

Just a few hours ago, I realised  that the main thing that brings me down on a constant basis, is the negativity and the overall judgemental yet ignorant opinions that people love to share on social media about things, but mostly about people they do not know a single thing about.

Scrolling through comment sections is excruciating for me. When something seemingly innocent and fun is shared, something that is supposed to make people smile, you will find hundreds of people judging it, adding hate, like they can’t control their urge to express their bigotry towards said action in a video or photo.

Why are people so negative? What is it they get out of being so unpleasant toward strangers, because I can guarantee you it is not satisfaction. They are feeding themselves hate to the point they don’t realise they are no better than the people they are scrutinising, in fact they are being hypocritical and they are completely unaware of it.

This kind of attitude actually rubs off on other people, it rubbed off on me, I was just like them once, it consumed me until I realised that spewing hateful remarks at people did not make me feel any better, if anything it made my days spiral out of control, slowly and without realising it was happening.

The thing with negativity, is that the more you feed it, the more you receive it, the more you receive it, the harder it is to break away from it. You become lost in your own mind, in the self pity, in your entitlements as a human being.

The only person I had to blame was myself, no one forced that on me, it was entirely by choice, I made myself miserable and depressed because I let the negativity of others agree in a way and enter me and consume me.

Let’s get something straight, no one has that power over you, you are built entirely by choice, the feelings you choose to feel, the paths you choose to take, the way you choose to speak, the way you choose to react; it is choice and it is only you who has control over it.

Have you ever asked yourself, how would you feel if you reacted kindly, humbly, without judgement.

How would you feel if against all your deeply fixed beliefs and actions, you decided to confront a situation in a way you haven’t tried before, without taking insult or without thinking it’s all about you, without ego.

My best advice would be to catch yourself before you fall into the trap of negativity and immediately replace it with something positive.

It will change your entire mindset, the way you perceive things, your life your personal relationships, strangers and friends, your thoughts and most importantly your soul.

You will soon start to see the world from a different point of view and you will kick yourself over the negativity you allowed yourself to swim and drown in and to express so many times in a moment of desperation.

Every human’s primal need is Love, so why is it that we constantly exude the opposite.

We become toxic to ourselves and to others purely out of ego.

Social media, in case you haven’t noticed is full of negativity and if you ever wondered why, it’s because so many people practice it.

It spreads something like a virus and the only cure is changing one’s  mentality, to respond positively or not respond at all.

With so much hate going around, the entire world feels out of balance, and with that, our very souls too.

All I’m saying is, practice kindness, change your line of thought, quit falling into the trap and only that way will we achieve balance that would help us leave a fuller, happier, more aware and more positive life.




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