10 Days on The Egg Diet

About two weeks ago I came across this video by Versatile Vicky. It is a diet which consists of eggs, tea, apples and oats, and assures you that you will use 10kg in 10 days.

No, I didn’t hold onto the hope that I could possibly lose that much weight, in such a short time, but my body is aching and I needed a kick start to weight loss so that I could help myself incorporate some exercise without feeling like death.

My body is too heavy and way to unstable to perform any heavy exercises yet, so I am starting slow.

The first time, I did this diet for 5 days, had 2 days off and got back on it straight after that. I have been on it since the 19th of June and today I am completing my 10th day.

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I threw out my scale, and here’s why!

I have never been a skinny girl, I have always been thick.

Now, I am considered morbidly obese and no, I am not lazy.

I work a retail job, spending 13hrs a day of my 5 day week, getting to work, being at work, and getting home from work.

My feet are so sore, It hurts to step on them.

I spend my free time as a MUA, studying or writing, so I guess other than work, there is no much physical exercise.

A few years ago, I was pretty fit. I did Muay Thai, and walked everywhere (still do), but I loved food a bit too much.

For many years I have battled with body image and obsessively wanting to lose weight. Guess what, as soon as I lost any, I put it back on. I am your typical yo yo’er.

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